PlayStation 4 released

ps 4

PlayStation 4 released

PlayStation 4 released yet announced this month this year and also the players can directly to share screenshots and videos screen. unnamed sources told the Wall Street Journal to publish the newspaper, that the event will be the announcement of the next console Sony and Sony system before the end of the year. The Wall Street Journal shows that Sony provides more social aspects of the game in “the new machine” and “is this time focused on changes in the interaction between the user and the machine”.edge online, on the other hand, advises that the next PlayStation before the end of the year in the United States and the Japan (but from 2014 in Europe) comes and says that it is more powerful that the next console from Microsoft.

The system will feature a redesigned controller that supposedly fits Sony DualShock drop voice off the runway earlier this month. According to the Council, the system come with a redesigned controller that has the same size there is a DualShock, but does have a small touchpad instead of the PS buttons and from. The technology is based on the life and rear touchpad is also sensitive.Amp;Councilpilot also refers to each element of a list of specifications that referred to spread last week.”In particular banks said new manager at Sony have a ‘Share’ button, which is a new start feature allows the distribution of online video and screenshots”. The system would have been playstation 4“continually recording the last 15 minutes the screen action, then users can edit and distribute on the Internet.”for now, the future is uncertain, but Sony said PlayStation IGN “PlayStation meeting is on the future of PlayStation society.” Our team is going to be the event of the PlayStation from Sony in New York at the end of this month, so keep check behind the news confirmed as it is announced.Sony dangling the possibility of a next release of its generation of console PlayStation 4 Friday, send invitations to journalists at a press conference on 20 February, “the future of the PlayStation.”the enticing prospect of debate on websites and blogs on the Internet with players like to see an update on the aging console games.Michael Pachter, Wedbuch securities analyst, said in a Tweet that ‘Sony investors and the media at the event on the 20th century;’ This means that the announcement of the console. I’m very excited.Amp;The company declined to say if they will actually start a new product at the event in New York. Let’s talk about the business of the PlayStation,”said a spokesman for Reuters said.

Sony executives said

Sony executives said that the PS3 now profitable after several years of Verluste – for a typical game console.early expectations that Sony shows specifications, if any form of PS4, they have increased since it was learned that the company that gave the PlayStation 2 and an emblem for its new console Nintendo Wii U before Christmas and are expected this year for a generation of Microsoft’s Xbox.Sony has used the meeting in New York City show the detailed specifications or prototypes: in January 2011, is a version of the portable console PS Vita and the beginning of 2005 showed a version of the concept of the PlayStation 3.

In the same way, the first public exhibition of PS2 a meeting came in 1999.but life is as a problem, with the drop in sales and will be replaced by portable portable Nintendo and others, such as the iPod touch Applethe PS3 was launched in Japan in November 2006, but does not mean that it is on the European markets for 2007, that they have lost sales of Christmas. This has given a brace to Nintendo, let Wii sales highly profitable and the most advanced. The PS3, which has sold 70 million consoles worldwide, was considered a disappointment against the popular PS2.but the market of game consoles has also radically changed shape since the PS3 launched has launched, with the rise of smartphones and tablets-means people can now play at lower cost and in motion. Nintendo said Wednesday that cut its forecast for sales of the Wii U


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