The Beginning of Calligraphy

Calligraphy for Beginner

calligraphy for beginnerThank you for your determination and for your interest in My passion is education, what I’ve done since 1976. The lyrics is my love and my goal is to stay alive and accessible of calligraphy.

My intention is to give a simple step by step study who teaches that you have made a new way to see the letters. We are in the concept of how to form and share structure.10 ideas for are here to verify. on stage, the comfort is important, since it established a good light meditation chair comodissima, down-to-Earth, conscious attitude. A course notebook or folder.instruments in wide Board, markers, pencils, pens, brushes, picks, bastons, staff have all the characteristics of a weighted line (thick and thin strokes).

Gauges are the thumb and the forefinger and the middle finger is latent, the fingers of the axis should be between the first two fingers, not in the hand. Keep the PIN must not be comfortable quite misleading. Practice, it is as if you learn to walk, a feat!printing inks, once more a wide variety, loved by the cal·ligrafs are soluble in water, drawing painting ink and tend to the PIN and connect the ends of rusty metal bar.

Food coloring is also a safe as the ink wash.inkto fill the pen, markers are dry place, so that they lose their sharpness, come with directions and pen cartridges and gluing feathers, are filled with a small brush or moistened with ink or possible wash. Watercolors are Inexspensive Prang.documents, would like his inks, inset must be avoided (if the ink stick).

Moisture can sometimes be the problem. Laptop can work well. Lyrics with a cotton content must fade good line. There are also a wide variety of paper production and cal·ligrafs soud, discussed later.MAKE your mark, this is a lesson to play with one of the tools that are used to the wide margin thinner here, t-shirts with the biggest score of the game and t-shirt look so that the angle of the pen. write line curtains, blocks and circles (with bolt mounting available label) is required for letters, it is even more important to know the PIN to work slowly, but it is difficult to play.

Pen (NIB), is a 45-degree angle to find, very simple with a pencil, draw a right angle, place the pencil in the corner and let the sheet, half of the angle, a fine line, see if you can keep this angle, as the shot. Try a sign more, vertical and horizontal lines equal in weight to the angle of 45 degrees pin – remember to keep access becomes aware of not maintaining the extreme corner of the village.

As you can see how many forms are a 45 degree angle pens canthe edges, if you stay within the Red boundary lines, always try to observe the role of the book around the practice of creating the appearance of vacuum around our practice, start drawing. Save you and your spreadsheets for growth and is committed to the practice of the tests so far

calligraphy for beginner


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